How Aid is Disbursed

How Aid is Disbursed

How Aid is Disbursed

All financial aid awards (excluding work-study) are credited to your UCCS student billing account each semester. Work-study funds are earned over the course of the academic year and are paid to you according to the University's payroll schedule.

In order for your aid to disburse:

*Your initial award letter reflects full-time enrollment. If you will be enrolled less than full time for your program of study, your awards may be reduced.

Transfer Monitoring

The U.S. Department of Education requires all schools to initiate a Transfer Monitoring process for any student who begins studies mid-year or in the summer to verify remaining Title IV financial aid eligibility for the award year. A Transfer Monitoring Hold must be placed on your federal financial aid at UCCS for ten (10) days until this process has been completed.

There is no action needed by you during this process. However, if you did receive financial aid at another school during this award year, you must have any pending financial aid disbursements at that school canceled.

Work Study Awards

Work study awards are special types of awards that are earned by working at special on-campus and off-campus jobs. You will not receive work study funds until you have been hired in a designated position and worked the appropriate amount of hours. Work study jobs are paid based on an hourly rate and are not disbursed to your student account like other financial aid awards. For more information, consult the Student Employment website.


If your financial aid award is greater than your UCCS bill, you will receive a refund. You may receive your refund by the first day of class, assuming that you have met the disbursement requirements. We encourage you to submit a direct deposit authorization with Student Financial Services. If you do not, you will receive your refund check by mail which may take up to an additional two weeks.