Financial Aid Federal Verification


Financial Aid Federal Verification

Common Questions
What can I submit as proof of my / my spouse's / my parents' AGI and taxes paid?
Where can I find more help in using the IRS Retrieval Tool?
Why do I not have a large packet of information to submit as in previous years?
Where can I find more on the federal requirements of verification?
Who can I contact with specific questions about my verification documents?

What is Federal Verification?

Federal verification is a process used to confirm data you provided on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Verification ensures that the information students and parents report is accurate. Verification prevents ineligible students from receiving aid and helps make certain that eligible students receive the aid they are qualified for. The U.S. Department of Education may select your FAFSA for verification.

Some reasons that the U.S. Department of Education may have selected your FAFSA include:

  • Incomplete information on your FAFSA
  • Estimated information on your FAFSA
  • Your information was outside the U.S. Department of Education's tolerance levels
  • The data you provided on your FAFSA is inconsistent

Want more information about Verification?

Verification Process

If your FAFSA is selected for verification you will need to submit specific documentation to the UCCS Financial Aid Office. Not all students will have to submit the same documents.

Required Documentation for Verification: Refer to your myUCCS Portal for specific requests related to your file.

*We may request additional documentation after the initial evaluation of your file.

**Do not send us documents until we request them. Unsolicited documents may delay your processing.

Once the UCCS Office of Financial Aid, Student Employment and Scholarships receives your documents we will review your FAFSA data. In reviewing the information, we may have additional requests or clarifications that are needed. Be sure to check your UCCS email often, as requests will be sent there.  Submit the requested information as soon as possible so we can continue the review of your file. Failure to submit the requested information prevents us from completing your file, you knowing your aid package, and from receiving most disbursements of funds.

Our review may result in changes to your FAFSA and in some cases, may change your aid offer. Should a change be made to your information you will receive an e-mail from the Federal FAFSA processor at the e-mail address(es) you listed on your FAFSA notifying you that there is a new Student Aid Report (SAR). Please review the information that was changed and if you have concerns or questions contact us at the e-mail address below. If you already received awards prior to verification and were subsequently selected, if once verification is complete there are changes to your awards you will receive an e-mail at your UCCS e-mail address notifying you to check your portal to review your awards. If your aid has already been disbursed, and your aid offer has changed due to verification, you may be required to pay back all or a portion of your aid.

Secure File Upload

Please do not email sensitive information such as tax returns listing social security numbers or other personally identifiable information. You should always redact social security numbers, but always list the UCCS student ID number and student name on all documents submitted.  

UCCS provides a secure file upload system to submit your information and safeguard your personal data. Visit for more information.

Processing Time

You can expect the processing of your verification paperwork to take up to three weeks from the date you turn in your complete documentation packet to the Office of Financial Aid.

Note: all requested documents must be received in order to have your file be reviewed.

Please also be aware that the UCCS Office of Financial Aid, Student Employment and Scholarships experiences seasonal changes in volume. These changes may affect expected processing times.

Deadline Information

We recommend that you complete verification as soon as possible so you will know your financial aid package. You will NOT be offered aid until your file is completed. Consequently, you may be negatively impacted due to fund availability the longer you wait to submit your documents.

For students selected for verification, you must complete the process by the deadline published in the Federal Register:

  • For 2020–2021 the deadline date is September 18, 2021; however, corrections may not be sent by the school after September 11, 2021 and corrections may not be submitted by the student after June 30, 2021.  Fall Only 2020 students would have until April 16, 2021 to complete their file.

  • For 2021–2022 the deadline date is September 17,2022; however, corrections may not be sent by the school after September 10, 2022 and corrections may not be submitted by the student after June 30, 2022.  Fall Only 2021 students would have until April 18, 2022 to complete their file.

Verification is complete when we have received all the requested documentation and a valid ISIR or SAR (one on which all the information is accurate and complete). This includes any necessary corrections, which must be made by the Federal Register deadlines for submitting paper or electronic corrections.

If your file is selected for verification after you have been awarded aid, the deadline for verification for most aid is thirty (30) days from the date you were notified via Information Request Letter (IRL). If verification is not completed within 30 days:

  • You will not receive any additional disbursements of FSEOG funds,
  • You will not be permitted to work a work-study job or have any further work-study earnings,
  • You will not receive any additional Direct Subsidized Loans,
  • Additionally, you must repay any FSEOG and/or Pell money already received for this year,
  • Any undisbursed supplemental grants and work-study you may have been offered will be canceled,
  • The treatment of any already disbursed supplemental grants and work-study will be considered on a case by case basis,
  • Scholarships are examined on a case by case basis as some are subject to verification and some are not.

Your file will be placed back in to a status that will allow you to be reconsidered for all aid eligibility should you complete the verification requirements at a future date. Do realize that efc changes from verification and fund eligibility may result in a much different aid package than you previously received.