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Earning a college degree doesn't have to mean graduating with a mountain of debt. It's our mission to assist you in finding a financial aid package that makes it possible to obtain a degree. Each year, UCCS awards more than $100 million in financial aid to students, and we'll do our best to walk you through exploring aid options, applying for scholarships and understanding your total college bill. 


Finaid Calendar

Finaid Calendar


Spring 2023

  1. Financial Aid awards adjusted due to non-full time enrollment
  2. First Spring 2023 Financial Aid Disbursement** (** aid funds released to UCCS – subtracted from tuition balance)
  3. First E-bills available in myUCCS portal (amount due after aid received)
  4. Short Term Loans Available (bursar section of myUCCS portal)
  5. Martin Luther King Holiday (UCCS Closed)
  6. First Day of UCCS regular classes
  7. First UCCS scholarship deadline (merit)
  8. Census Date/Tuition due date*
  9. Financial Aid awards may be adjusted, if not enrolled full-time
  10. Financial Aid Priority Date for 2023-2024 School Year
  11. Spring Break Begins - No classes, Offices are open
  12. Spring Break Ends - No classes, Offices are open
  13. Summer registration begins
  14. National Student Employment Week Begins
  15. National Student Employment Week Ends
  16. Finals Week Begins
  17. Finals Week Ends
  18. Commencement

Summer 2023

  1. Summer award notices emailed to summer enrolled students

  2. Memorial Day Holiday (UCCS closed)
  3. Financial Aid funds for the 2023-2024 year available in myUCCS portal

  4. Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 award notices emailed to current students

  5. - Fall 2023 student employment positions available on SEAN

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