Taking Courses Elsewhere

Study Away

Study Away and/or Study Abroad Agreement Procedures and Guidelines (Financial Aid Consortium)


The student must contact their UCCS academic advisor to request a Study Away Course Approval Form.  The form must list the specific coursework (course title and course number) that will apply towards the UCCS degree that the student will enroll in at the other institution.  Once completed, the academic advising, records or financial aid will image the form into the student file.

It is the students’ responsibility to notify the Office of Financial Aid of the Course Approval Form completion.

After the Study Away Course Approval Form is received and approved, a financial aid counselor will make available the consortium forms (Consortium Agreement and Certificate of Enrollment) in the to-do list of the student’s UCCS portal. The student must complete their section and then forward it to the other institution for processing.  The Consortium Agreement form should go to the Office of Financial Aid and the Certificate of Enrollment form should go to the Office of the Registrar.  Pikes Peak State College (PPSC) enrolled students should submit both of the above forms to the Office of Financial Aid at PPSC.

The Certificate of Enrollment form may only be completed on or after the first day of class at the other school.   A Certificate of Enrollment form must be completed by the registrar at the other institution (or PPSC Office of Financial Aid for PPSC enrolled students) on or after the first day of class at that institution.  Full disbursement of aid will not happen until this form is processed by UCCS.  This will cause a delay in either all or a portion of the student disbursement.  The degree of delay depends on individual student circumstances.

Other student away/abroad agreement eligibility notes:

The study away course approval must be approved no later than the UCCS census (drop) date for the semester that it is processed. However, if you are a Federal Pell Grant recipient, your coursework must be approved by the the first day of school for each semester to receive the student’s maximum Federal Pell Grant award.  

  • If your Federal Pell Grant has disbursed and your consortium is approved after the first day of class at UCCS, your Federal Pell Grant cannot be increased for the additional hours you are enrolled in at another school.
  • A hold will be put on your financial aid account until your consortium agreement is complete. This will prevent financial aid monies from being released to UCCS.
  • Students must request official academic transcripts from the other school be sent to UCCS at the end of the consortium term. A hold for the subsequent semester financial aid will be assessed until this transcript is received.
  • Repeated or remedial coursework is not eligible for financial aid.
  • You must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 credits at UCCS. Minimum requirement is not applicable for National Student Exchange, Study Abroad, Dual-Enrollment Nursing, or Nutrition Program at Metro State.
  • Your consortium agreement will take up to 10 working days to process after all required documentation is received.
  • You may only be funded for coursework listed as approved and applicable toward your UCCS degree by your UCCS academic department or advisor.

Appointments may be made with a financial aid counselor by email finaidse@uccs.edu or by phone 719-255-3460.