Private Scholarships


Private Scholarships

External Opportunities

Many private organizations offer scholarships to college students. We have listed some private scholarship opportunities for you to consider on this page. UCCS seeks to assist students searching for scholarship opportunities from both the university and outside scholarship providers. Outside scholarship providers are not under the jurisdiction of UCCS, therefore the University assumes no obligation for verification of the legitimacy of such providers listed on this website. Please be aware of potential scholarship scams. The University assumes no liability or obligation in verifying the validity of postings.

A private scholarship search engine can help you locate additional opportunities. If any scholarship service requires you to pay a fee or claims that you are guaranteed at least a small award, stay away. Most likely, it is a scam. We recommend that you register a separate email address when using these services, as they generate high volumes of email.

Here are some resources to help your scholarship search:

UCCS External Scholarship Opportunities